CHILD SAFE – What’s it about?



NB – CHILDSAFE training for all Youth and Children Ministry Team Leaders and Assistants is on Saturday July 28th at the Fernvale Futures Centre.  Starts 1 pm for all.  Team Leaders 1 pm to 5 pm, Assistant Leaders 1 pm to 3 pm.


ChildSafe Limited exists to serve organisations working with children and young people, with the goal of improved child safety. The funds we receive from our resources and web system are applied solely to this goal.

While our resources are suitable for all types of organisations, we focus in particular at present on the needs of churches (see We are an initiative of Scripture Union Australia, who conceived and developed ChildSafe as an internal project before creating ChildSafe Limited as a separate entity in 2007.

Why set up ChildSafe?

Children and young people deserve the best endeavours of an organisation towards their safety. This involves more than good intentions, or the assumption that harmful incidents will not happen. Organisations working with children are under increased community scrutiny in relation to screening workers, risk management and the quality of care they offer.

Many organisations do not currently have adequate systems in place to ensure that sound policies are translated into practice. Governments are increasingly legislating standards and requirements for organisations working with children. The availability and affordability of insurance is an issue for community organisations working with children. Insurers are rightly expecting organisations to have effective risk management processes in place to minimise claims.